Contact Lens Evaluation Fees

Contact Lens Evaluation

In 1994, The Vision Care Customer Assistance Act changed the rules governing how contact lenses are prescribed in the State of Washington. This notice is to help clarify these rules.

Shortly, you will see a practitioner who may perform an evaluation for contact lenses. These tests are not part of your routine eye examination. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of contact lens services, or will cover only a portion of these costs.

To prescribe contact lenses, tests must be completed to evaluate the effects of the contact lenses have on your overall eye health. If you choose to have your contact lenses prescribed elsewhere, you will receive a copy of your glasses prescription stating “OK for Contact lenses” per the Vision Care Consumer Assistance Act. A contact lens prescription does not exist un-l you have seen a practitioner for a followup visit with the prescribed contacts on and the fitting is deemed complete (Washington State Law RCW 181.95). Federal regulations also apply to contact lens prescriptions.

Contact lens fees are not refundable and do not include the cost of contact lens materials.

Evaluation for current lens wearers: $75-$125

Evaluation for new lens wearers: $116-$285

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